Order of Multitudes


Encyclopedias are the end-product of the urge to collect, catalogue, describe, and classify masses of information at its most granular and list-like. Historically, encyclopedias have often taken the form of large books. But whether the encyclopedia is a physical book or a digital tool, its goal remains the same: to use language to make information easy to find and understand through alphabetical or thematic organization, and to present this information as universal and separate from any particular historical, geographical, or temporal context.

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1 Examining Data and Categories with Hussein Mohsen Conversation

Allison Chu

Monday 19 Oct 2020
2 Building an Interactive Database Conversation

Allison Chu

Monday 12 Oct 2020
3 More Isnt Always Better: Thinking About Big Data with Bill Rankin Conversation

Sarah Pickman

Friday 09 Oct 2020
4 First Nations: Ethical Landscapes, Sacred Plants Event Thursday 08 Oct 2020
5 Alessandro Acquisti People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
6 Kamala Sankaram People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
7 Melissa Grafe People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
8 Anna Ridler People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
9 Molleen Theodore People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
10 William Rankin People Tuesday 06 Oct 2020